Join me at User Group Summit 2019

User Group Summit 2019 is almost here! Each year Summit brings together people from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, industries, and countries.

Summit is THE opportunity to learn, network, step out and speak/present, share and have fun! All of this is centered around #MicrosoftDynamics and the #PowerPlatform.

What makes Summit event even more valuable is that the majority of the sessions are from peers – people who are in your role, or industry, or background. They know about the pros and cons, failures and successes, multiple versions, projects galore…and made out it the other side!

This year marks my 7th Summit. Not quite the milestone of other Summit veterans, but something that I’m proud of. The reason? Being able to contribute to a wonderful community, and, in turn, learn from other awesome contributors.

So, I’m excited to be presenting again for Summit 2019 for 2 sessions. If haven’t marked these on your Summit 2019 session agenda, now is your chance!

  • The Triple Threat – Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365, and You
    • This session will answer the “What” and “How” of Microsoft Flow. > What is Microsoft Flow? > How do I get and use Microsoft Flow? We will help you understand what the different Microsoft Flow options and connectors are, how to connect to Dynamics 365 CE/CRM and the Common Data Service (CDS), and run through different live demonstrations. You will leave the session with a better understanding of Microsoft Flow and the abundant capabilities available. With this knowledge, you will the be “The Triple Threat” in your organization. Your next update or project will be a knock-out!
  • Controlling the Controls
    • Are you aware of the controls options within Dynamics 365? The Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 has provided new field options in the form of controls. Controls are a great way to enhance the user interaction with the forms and records in Dynamics 365. This session will provide an overview and demonstration of the various controls available, and when and where to use them. You will leave with a better understanding of controls so that you can “control the controls”.

I look forward to meeting you at Summit 2019!