Mobile Offline is Finally Here for Dynamics 365

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the “Mobile Offline” option for Dynamics 365. This feature has been long awaited (or re-awaited?). This feature was previously available for Dynamics CRM, but was removed for some tenants with the transition to Dynamics 365.

The “Mobile Offline” feature allows you to interact with Dynamics 365 if you in an area where you have no WiFi or cell service. Once you do enter back into a WiFi or cell service area, the updates made on the mobile device will sync back to Dynamics 365.

However, there are some considerations that have to be made when setting up the “Mobile Offline”.

First, you need to review which entities will be made available offline. Microsoft has listed the entities which are available, but you should be able to set this up for custom entities as well if you follow the same process.

Second, you need to set up the mobile offline profiles. This will ensure you have the right data being downloaded to the mobile devices. Keep in mind how you would like to filter the data. It may not make sense to have ALL your Dynamics 365 data download to a mobile device.

Also, you have to think of the mobile device storage capacity. If you have a very large Dynamics 365 database and you have several entities set for “Mobile Offline”, then you should limit how many records are pulled down.

Third, you need to set up the app mobile for offline. This is important if you are using the new Unified Interface along with the model-driven apps. You may be using the out-of-the-box app or have custom apps set up. Either way, you need to consider the use case for your organization. If there are certain apps that are used by certain teams that are not mobile, then it wouldn’t make sense to make these apps offline capable.

In conclusion, lay out a plan for your mobile offline use and ensure the right users are set up with the capability. And, more importantly, test, test, and test. Make sure the right data, the right entities, and the right profiles are set up properly.

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