Classic Interface to Unified Interface – The Transition Has Started

Classic Interface vs Unified Interface

Before I touch on the topic of the “transition has started”, I would like to ensure you have good grasp on the difference between the two interfaces in Dynamics 365.

Classic Interface

The Dynamics 365 Classic Interface can be recognized easily by the menu navigation and the screen layout. The Classic Interface has a menu like this:

Classic UI menu

This layout has been around for a few versions now. But, with the rollout of Dynamics 365 version 9.0, the Unified Interface was introduced.

Unified Interface

The Dynamics 365 Unified Interface (or UUI – Unified User Interface) is accessed through an app approach. This allows greater flexibility on which users have access to certain entities within Dynamics 365. However, this article is not about how to build a Dynamics 365 app or set up the security.

The Unified Interface has a different menu and screen layout from the Classic Interface. The Unified Interface menu looks something like this:

UUI menu

Now, Back to the Story…

Microsoft recently announce that new trials of Dynamics 365 will no longer have the legacy web experience (Classic Interface). This means that when a new trial is set up through, the new Unified Interface will be the default.

So, what did I mean by the “transition has started”? Well, I believe this change is a way for Microsoft to introduce the Unified Interface as the norm, and letting go of the Classic Interface. Additionally, Microsoft started rolling out Dynamics 365 version 9.1 on October 1, 2018. This is another clue into the transition which helps pave the way for the expected rollout of Dynamics 365 version 10 in April 2019.

What Does This Mean for You?

I would suggest that you start utilizing the Unified Interface as soon as you possibly can. For some of you, this is a difficult decision to make as the Classic Interface is ingrained in your company and Dynamics 365 habits. So, the next step would be to work on a transition plan to implement the Unified Interface.

On a side note, the Dynamics 365 Mobile App for Phones/Tablets has already been using the Unified Interface. In actuality, this could help reduce confusion with end users by having a single interface to interact with.

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