Get To Know Dynamics 365 and the Admin Centers


Dynamics 365 has evolved quite a bit over the past few year. It has evolved even further in the past few month. With the evolution of the system, there have changes to the way Dynamics 365 is administered. Let’s run through the various admin pages and options so you have a better understanding.

Microsoft 365 Admin

Microsoft announced in June 2018 that the Office 365 Admin Center merged with the Microsoft 365 Admin Center to form the new site The becomes the central place to manage your Office 365 users and subscriptions. Additionally, this is place to assign the Dynamics 365 licenses to your users.

Dynamics 365 Admin

The Dynamics 365 Admin site has been around for a while (site: This is the go-to place to manage your instances, solutions, updates, and system health.

However, you may have noticed lately a new message located at the top:


The link of “Try the new Admin center” leads you to the…

Power platform admin center menu
Power Platform Admin Center

The Power Platform Admin Center (sites: – or – is the newest addition to the admin sites. The Power Platform Admin Center is built on the Power Platform and utilizes the Common Data Service foundation.

As you can see from the menu options, you can open other Admin Centers from here, such as Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Power BI.

Additionally, the “old” Organization Insights solution has been replaced by the Analytics section in the Power Platform Admin Center. By selecting the “Common Data Service for Apps”, you will see a pre-designed dashboard with information broken down into various categories.

Other Admin Centers

As mentioned in the previous section, there are other Admin Centers that can be access from the Power Platform Admin Center. This is helpful if your Dynamics 365 environment is leveraging Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and/or Power BI.

Here is a list of the other Admin Center so that you can bookmark them in your browser:

In Conclusion

Now that you are familiar with the different Admin Centers, this will equip you for your role as a Dynamics 365 Admin.

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