User Group Summit Recap

First of all, I need to apologize for the long delay between posts. I have been recovering from surgery and prior to that was the User Group Summit.

The 2019 North America User Group Summit is now behind us, and it’s impact is still being felt throughout the community. Many folks left empowered with information and hands-on learning. Others made valuable connections that will foster growth personally and professionally.

For me, there were a couple of things that stood out during the conference.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Power Platform snapshot

The Microsoft Power Platform is everywhere. It’s now the platform behind many of the Microsoft stack and integrates with many online services. Microsoft recently announced that the new Microsoft Project is built on the Power Platform. This goes to show that it’s proliferation is expanding further and will keep growing.

At the User Group Summit in Orlando, FL, the Power Platform was seen everywhere. Many of the sessions were solely geared towards Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI. Additionally, there were many sessions where the Power Platform was integrating with another application. For example, I spoke on “The Triple Threat – Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365, and You” on the last day of the conference. During this session I demonstrated how Microsoft Flow can be utilized with Dynamics 365 in many different methods.

But what does this mean for you? It means that you need to dive into the Power Platform more. It’s here in a big way and it’s transforming how people work, interact with data, and automate things.

Check out Microsoft Learn if you need to get up to speed.


#community sign at User Group Summit 2019
#community sign at User Group Summit 2019

The word “community” was prevalent throughout the User Group Summit. Even though the word was everywhere, it was the people that made it a reality.

While walking from session to session, or navigating the Expo Hall, I could see small groups of people gathered talking and connecting. I noticed the “Medics” at each of the stations were actively engaged with people trying to help them diagnose their “pain points”. I also witnessed many people gathering around the speakers after each session ready to ask questions.

From the New Attendees Networking event, to the Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening, to the closing sessions on Friday, the community came together to help, share, connect, engage, and light a fire in people to strive to do more.

Additionally, attendees where able to give back in a big way by assisting 3 charitable organizations that were highlighted during the week. The charities are Camaraderie Foundation, Mindshift, and Think Big for Kids. Each organization representative spoke on the big stage to share what they do and the impact they make.

Lastly, the community extends beyond the User Group Summit. Many people made connections that will carry on and make a big impact in their lives. I have connected with folks through the years that originated at Summit.

Did you engage in the community?

In Closing

While User Group Summit is always a great event, it’s important to stay engaged throughout the year with your peers. By continuing to share and learn, we can all become more knowledgeable and experienced.

I have always said, “Not one person knows everything about everything”. Yes, we each have our strengths (and weaknesses), but it takes maturity to realize we need help or assistance with something.

If you aren’t engaged in the community, I encourage you to start today. Check out the User Groups communities, or check out the Microsoft Communities.

Until next time…


Join me at User Group Summit 2019

User Group Summit 2019 is almost here! Each year Summit brings together people from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, industries, and countries.

Summit is THE opportunity to learn, network, step out and speak/present, share and have fun! All of this is centered around #MicrosoftDynamics and the #PowerPlatform.

What makes Summit event even more valuable is that the majority of the sessions are from peers – people who are in your role, or industry, or background. They know about the pros and cons, failures and successes, multiple versions, projects galore…and made out it the other side!

This year marks my 7th Summit. Not quite the milestone of other Summit veterans, but something that I’m proud of. The reason? Being able to contribute to a wonderful community, and, in turn, learn from other awesome contributors.

So, I’m excited to be presenting again for Summit 2019 for 2 sessions. If haven’t marked these on your Summit 2019 session agenda, now is your chance!

  • The Triple Threat – Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365, and You
    • This session will answer the “What” and “How” of Microsoft Flow. > What is Microsoft Flow? > How do I get and use Microsoft Flow? We will help you understand what the different Microsoft Flow options and connectors are, how to connect to Dynamics 365 CE/CRM and the Common Data Service (CDS), and run through different live demonstrations. You will leave the session with a better understanding of Microsoft Flow and the abundant capabilities available. With this knowledge, you will the be “The Triple Threat” in your organization. Your next update or project will be a knock-out!
  • Controlling the Controls
    • Are you aware of the controls options within Dynamics 365? The Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 has provided new field options in the form of controls. Controls are a great way to enhance the user interaction with the forms and records in Dynamics 365. This session will provide an overview and demonstration of the various controls available, and when and where to use them. You will leave with a better understanding of controls so that you can “control the controls”.

I look forward to meeting you at Summit 2019!

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Quick Tips Series

What to Expect

This goal of this series is to provide quick and easy tips that you can follow. Many times there are small or simple things that can be easily overlooked, or you may not even know about. This is what I hope to provide.

The Series – DBP Quick Tips

The upcoming series will span Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Engagement) and the Power Platform. Since Dynamics 365 CE is a model-driven PowerApp, there many features now available to utilize in the Power Platform.

Additionally, the series will sometimes multiple parts for a specific topic, while others will be single tips.

Your Help is Needed

You can help spread the word about my site since it’s new. My broader goal it to help the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community through sharing of knowledge and experience. #DBPQuickTips